Disney Fun Facts

This Day in Disney History August 12th

1919-Disney Legend Dodie Roberts is born.

1941-Mickey Mouse cartoon Orphan’s Benefit is released.

Orphans Benefit 1941 2

1958-Tru Life Adventure White Wilderness is released.

1965-The Fifty Millionth Guest walks through the Gates of Disneyland.

1967-Tomorrowland attraction Flight to the Moon opens in Disneyland replacing Rocket to the Moon.

1994-Hollywood Pictures film In the Army Now is released.

1995-Disney Channel Premiere Film The Four Diamonds airs.

2005-Disney Channel Original Movie The Proud Family Movie airs.


Disney Fun Facts

Did you know that…

Donald Duck is one of the hardest cartoon voices to master, because unlike other characters he isn’t a falsetto or an accent.  Rather it is a noise created by making a pocket in one’s cheek and forcing the air through at a constant speed, this can easily make one winded.  Original voice Clarence Nash would sometimes pass out during a recording sessions because the voice was that difficult.