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Disney Trivia February 26th Answer

Congratulations to Fishy Lips and Ferbisawesome for the correct answer to the question What town did Heinz Doofenschmirtz hails from, the answer is Gimelstump, Drusselstein.


Creation of Evil

Good vs. Evil is one of the oldest plots ever created, and we love a great villain.  Let’s face it, Disney has the greatest collection of villains ever assembled, from the vain and powerful to the downright silly.  Then with the purchase of Marvel and Star Wars they have gained even more villains to this exclusive club.


What makes a person evil?  A question best left to religion, but we all know that evil characters become this way after horrific and traumatic experiences, such is the case with the villain on Phineas and Ferb Heinz Doofenschmirtz.  This Pharmacist, I mean evil scientist who has a doctorate that they hand out to anyone for 19.95 has had a collection of terrible events that have made him the bitter divorcee that he is today.  With the alimony checks he receives from his wife, he builds inators that he will use to bring terror and take over the TRI STATE AREA.


So let us start with some of his tragic back stories, one time he went on a date with a woman who was very into whales, more of an obsession really, he built a whale translator to hear what the whales were actually saying.  Upon listening, we soon found out that the whales were insulting him, and his date left him and went to live with the whales.


In the early years of life trying to make a living, he was a Bratwurst street vendor.  Yes, they actually had those, but as we all know Hot Dog salesman always have the greater jingles and wonderful vehicles.   Thus he was laughed and mocked by everyone around him.


At one point he even found a genie, and he sang the Oscar Meyer Weiner Jingle which had disastrous results.

The poor man’s troubles went back even further, when he was disowned by his parents and was raised by Ocelots.  He had to work in the carnival at the dunking booth, not the person they dunked, but the thing they threw at the dunking booth.  He created his only friend, Balooney, a balloon that he drew a face on and sprayed with an everlasting spray, sadly this friend would float away.


A lot of his problems began with the birth of his younger sibling Roger who also happens to be the mayor of Danville.  His parents were expecting a beautiful baby girl, and in the anticipation his mother had spent the entire pregnancy sewing many dresses, when it turned out that it was a boy.  Heinz was forced to wear those hand me up dresses for a year.

Baby_Roger  Doof_wearing_a_dress

When he was younger, the family’s lawn gnome was repossessed and it was Heinz who would spend the lonely nights dressed as the Lawn Gnome protecting their yard from the many mischievous magical creatures who would reek havoc upon the yard, his only companion being the moon, and his neighbor Kenny.


All of this started at his birth when both of his parents failed to show up.


Yes it is one of your more classic Greek tragedies, but because Monday is National Platypus Day, we would honor the platypus by talking about Perry’s nemesis.