This Day in History

New Years Eve in Disney History

1918-Disney Legend Virginia Davis is born, she will play in the Alice Comedies as the lead role.

1920-Disney Legend Rex Allen is born.

1957-The Ten Millionth guest walks through the  Gates of Disneyland.

Disneyland celebrates its first New Years celebration.


1969-Film The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes starring Kurt Russell and Cesar Romero is released.


1983-Television show The Wise One airs.

1990-Fantasyland Show Dick Tracy starring in Diamond Double Cross closes in Videopolis of Disneyland.

1992-Pleasure Island Nightclub 8TRAX opens, replacing Cage.


2000-Disney Legend Masatomo Takahashi dies.

2002-Sunset Boulevard attraction The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror launches its 4th reincarnation where the drops are now random at Disney-MGM Studios now Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It features the frightening tagline ‘The Tower is in Control”


2003-Membership club The Disney Club is disbanded, it is replaced by the Disney Rewards Visa.

2005-Final episode of The Proud Family airs.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History December 30th

1963-Gameshow Let’s Make a Deal premieres on NBC.  It will air on ABC between 1968 and 1976.

1968-Disney Legend Bill Tytla dies.

1986-Final episode of The Dick Cavett Show airs on ABC.

1990-Final episode of Hull High airs.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History December 27th

1926-Alice comedy Alice the Lumberjack is released.

1930-Silly Symphony cartoon Playful Pan is released.

1940-Pluto cartoon Pantry Pirate is released.

1963-Final episode of Game Show Who Do You Trust? airs on ABC.

1967-Final episode of Custer airs on ABC.

1991-Final episode of The Carol Burnett Show airs.  Not to be confused with the original show of that name.

1999-Disney Legend Leonard Goldenson dies.

This Day in History

Christmas Day in Disney History

1950-Television special One Hour in Wonderland airs.

1951-Television special Walt Disney Christmas Show airs.

1953-Donald Duck Cartoon Canvas Back Duck is released.

Goofy cartoon How to Sleep is released.


1955-Animated short from Johnny Appleseed from Melody Time is released.


Frontierland attraction Mike Fink Keelboats opens at Disneyland.


1956-People and Places Featurette Samoa is released.

1957-Film Old Yeller starring Fess Parker, Dorothy McGuire, Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran is released.


Featurette Portugal is released.

1958-People and Places featurette Seven Cities of Antartica is released.

Film Tonka is released.

1963-Animated film The Sword in the Stone is released.


1969-Arena Show Disney on Parade premieres in Chicago, it is the predecessor for World on Ice.

1975-Animated short The Madcap Adventures of Mr. Toad is released.

Film Ride a Wild Pony is released.

1983-The Walt Disney World’s Very Merry Christmas Parade airs, it will be the beginning of the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade that continues on till now.

1984-Final episode of Paper Dolls airs.

1994-Film Ruyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book is released.


1996-Hollywood Pictures musical film Evita starring Madonna, Antonio Banderas and Jonathon Pryce is released.


1997-Film An American Warewolf in Paris is released.

Touchstone film Kundun is released.

Film Mr. Magoo starring Leslie Nielsen, Kelly Lynch, Ernie Hudson and Malcolm McDowell is released.


1998-Animated short Goofy’s Extreme Sports: Paracycling is released.

Film Mighty Joe Young starring Bill Paxton, Chalize Theron and Naveen Andrews is released.


Touchstone film A Civil Action is released.

2003-Film The Young Black Stallion is released.

2005-Touchstone film Casanova starring Heath Ledger is released.

2008-Actress Earth Kitt dies of Colon Cancer, she played Catwoman in Batman, Old Lady Hackney in Ernest Scared Stupid, Madam Zeroni in Holes and voiced Yzma in Emporer’s New Groove.


Film Bedtime Stories starring Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Guy Pearce and Richard Griffiths is released.


2014-Film Into the Woods starring Merryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kenderick, Chris Pine and Johnnie Depp is released.