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Yes back in those days, they just didn’t tax US citizens to pay for a war.  War Bond investing was a huge enterprise and WW2 has some great art for that.  Even in the film Captain America, he is on a War Bond sales tour.

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This coming Tuesday, much to the chagrin of the Walt Disney Company, I will expose one of their long held secrets.  A secret that they have for many years kept silent until now.  I still have to interview one more person but this upcoming post will be so shocking and so revealing that you will cry now at Disney Parks, and not just because you are eating a friend onion on a stick.   Yes, this is the most secret of secrets, a secret so secret that you will want to secretly tell your secret friends, so when you go back to Disney.  You will never be the same.



War time shortages were common during World War 2.  Not only was there a front lines there was also a home front.

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Let's go find two more [heads]...

Donald Duck was one of the most requested characters during the war, the least requested character was Bambi.


Let’s go find two more [heads]…