This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 30th

1913-Disney Legend Bill Walsh is born.

1933-Mickey Mouse cartoon The Steeplechase is released.


1938-Walt Disney Enterprises is consolidated into Walt Disney Productions.

1946-Educational film Treasure from the Sea is delivered to the Dow Chemical Co.

1960-Television series The Flintstone premieres on ABC.


1962-Part 1 of Television show Escapade in Florence starring Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello airs.

1970-Animated short Dad, Can I Borrow the Car is released.

1971-The Preview center closes in Orlando, Florida.  This center for previewing Walt Disney World ironically became one of the most visited locations in the state during its run.

1973-Television show Fire on Kelly Mountain airs.

1982-Tencennial Parade ends its run at Magic Kingdom.

1983-Main Street USA restaurant American Egg House in Disneyland closes.

1988-Touchstone film Heartbreak Hotel is released.

1989-Italy pavilion store  Arcata d’Antigiani closes in EPCOT Center’s World Showcase.

1992-Television series Laurie Hill premieres.

1993-Contemporary resort restaurant Top of the World closes, it will become California Grill.

1995-Marketplace restaurant Chef Mickey’s closes at Disney Village Marketplace, it will be replaced by Rainforest Cafe.

1996-Television series Dangerous Minds airs.

1997-Final episode of the animated series X-Men airs.

2001-Television series Alias premieres.

Paradise Pier restaurant Avalon Cove closes in California Adventure.

Magical Moments Parade closes in Magic Kingdom.

2003-Animation Courtyard attraction Back to Neverland closes at Disney-MGM Studios.

2005-Film The Greatest Game Ever Played starring Shia LeBeouf is released.


Final episode of Inconceivable airs.

2009-ABC Series The Middle airs.


ABC Series Hank starring Kelsey Grammar airs.

2010-Final episode of My Generation

2011-Disney Channel series Jessie airs.


2012-Television series 666 Park Avenue premieres on ABC.

Storybook Circus store Big Top Souvenirs opens in Magic Kingdom.


2014-Sitcom Selfie premieres on ABC.

Sitcom Manhattan Love Story premieres on ABC.

2015-Restaurant Morimoto Asia opens at Disney Springs.


This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 29th

1934-Mickey Mouse cartoon Mickey Plays Papa is released.

1960-Television series My Three Sons premieres on ABC.


1961-Final episode of Harrigan and Son airs on ABC.

1963-Part 1 of Television Show The Horse Without a Head: The 100,000,000 Franc Train Robbery airs.

1968-Part 2 of television series Boomerang, Dog of Many Talents airs.

1974-Television show Shokee, the Everglades Panter airs.

1984-Touchstone film Country is released.

1985-Television series MacGyver premieres on ABC.


1987-Television series Thirtysomething premieres on ABC.

1991-Mickey Avenue attraction Studio Showcase opens at Disney-MGM Studios now Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

1995-Film The Big Green starring Steve Guttenberg, Jay O Sanders and Bug Hall is released.


1998-Television series Felicity premieres.

Direct to Video release The Jungle Book: Mowgli’s Story is released.

1999-Television series Popular premieres on WB.

2000-Film Remember the Titans is released.


2004-television series Kevin Hill premieres.

2005-ABC Series The Night Stalker premieres.

2006-Touchstone film The Guardian starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher is released.

2009-Disney launches the Disney Parks Blog.

2013-Television series Betrayal premieres.

2015-Downtown Disney becomes Disney Springs.


This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 28th

1931-Silly Symphony cartoon The Clock Store is released.


1935-Mickey Mouse cartoon On Ice is released.


1955-Television show Jiminy Crickett Presents Bongo airs.

1959-Final episode of Zorro airs.

1969-Part 2 of Television show My Dog, the Thief airs.

1975-Television special The Outlaw Cats of Colossal Caves airs.

1982-Annual Passport introduced at Walt Disney World that now offered year long admission to the parks.

1986-Television movie Hero in the Family airs.

1987-Touchstone film Outrageous Fortune is released.

1991-Television series The Commish premieres on ABC.

1994-Direct-to-video movie Muppet Classic Theater is released.


Touchstone film directed by Tim Burton Ed Wood starring Johnny Depp, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeffrey Jones and Bill Murray is released.

1996-Tomorrowland attraction Tomorrowland Speedway opens in Magic Kingdom, it replaces the Grand Circuit Prix.


1997-Television series Wonderful World of Disney premieres on ABC.

2002-Backlot attraction Hunchback of Notre Dame-A Musical Spectacular ends its run at Disney-MGM Studios.

2003-Playhouse Disney series JoJo’s Circus premieres.


ABC Series 10-8 premieres.

2006-Television series Ugly Betty premieres.

2007-Film The Game Plan starring Dwight “The Rock” Johnson, Madison Pettis and Kyra Sedgwick is released.


Phineas and Ferb episode Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror airs.


2010-Television series No Ordinary Family premieres on ABC.

2011-ABC Sitcom Suburgatory airs.


2012-Final episode of Code 9 airs.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 27th

1947-Animated film Fun and Fancy Free is released.


1965-Soap Opera Never Too Young premieres on ABC.

Soap Opera The Nurses premieres on ABC.

1970-Part 2 of Television special A Boy Who Stole an Elephant airs.

1985-Film The Journey of Natty Gann is released.

Tomorrowland show Show Biz Is ends at Magic Kingdom.

1991-Touchstone film Deceived starring Goldie Hawn is released.

Direct-to-Video movie Simply Mad About the Mouse is released.


1992-Television series Woops! premieres on Fox.

1993-the Land pavilion attraction Listen to the Land closes at EPCOT Center’s Future World.

Future World tour Tomorrow’s Harvest closes at EPCOT Center’s The Land.

2002-Touchstone film Sweet Home Alabama starring Reese Witherspoon, Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey is released.

Television series That Was Then premieres on ABC.

2005-ABC series Commander in Chief airs.

2007-Television series Big Shots premieres on ABC.

2008-Pleasure Island closes its nightclubs once and for all.

2012-Television series Last Resort premieres.

2014-Mickey Avenue attraction Studio Tram Tour closes at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


2015-ABC series Blood and Oil premieres.

ABC series Quantico premieres.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 26th

1930-Silly Symphony cartoon Monkey Melodies is released.

1936-Silly Symphony cartoon Three Blind Mouseketeers is released.


1947-Character Eeva Beega premieres in Mickey Mouse Club Strip.

1956-Television show Searching for Nature’s Mysteries airs.

1964-Animated series Hoppity Hooper premieres on ABC.

1965-Part 1 of Television show The Adventures of Galleger: The Case of Murder airs.

1971-Part 1 of Hacksaw airs.

1981-Television series Walt Disney premieres.

1982-Television series Matt Houston premieres on ABC.

1986-Television series Sidekicks premieres.

Television show Today’s Business premieres.

1990-Television series Cop Rock premieres on ABC.

1991-Backlot restaurant Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano opens in Disney-MGM Studios now Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Disney-MGM Studios parade Dinosaurs Live premieres.

Hyperion publishing releases its first book Amazing Grace.

1997-Television series Teen Angel premieres.

Television series You Wish premieres on ABC.

1998-Hollywood Boulevard attraction Superstar Television closes at Disney-MGM Studios.

1999-Television series Snoops premieres on ABC.

2001-According to Jim premieres on ABC.


2003-Touchstone film Under the Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane is released.

Television series Hope & Faith premieres.

2007-Television series Private Practice airs.

Television series Dirty Sexy Money premieres on ABC.

2008-Touchstone film Mircale at St. Anna is released.

Disney Channel series Suite Life on Deck premieres.


2011-Disney Junior series 3rd and Bird premieres.


Television series The Chew premieres.


2012-Sitcom The Neighbors premieres.


2015-Disney X D Series Guardians of the Galaxy premieres.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 25th

1929-Disney Legend Barbara Walters is born.

1931-Mickey Mouse cartoon Fishin’ Around is released.

1942-Donald Duck cartoon The Vanishing Private is released.


1957-Television show Adventure in Wildwood Heart airs.

1959-Final episode of Mickey Mouse Club airs.

1966-Television show The Legend of El Blanco airs.

1970-Final episode of The Best of Everything airs on ABC.

1986-News Series Our World premieres on ABC.

1991-Television series Good and Evil premieres.

2001-Television series Scrubs premieres.


Television series Philly premieres on ABC.

2002-Television series MDs premieres.

2007-Television series Reaper premieres.

2009-Touchstone film Surrogates is released.

Fantasyland restaurant Edelweiss Snacks opens in Disneyland.


Tomorrowland attraction Space Mountain receives it first Halloween makeover as Ghost Galaxy in Disneyland.


Fireworks show Halloween Screams premieres at Disneyland.


2011-Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie airs.

Television series Pan Am premieres.

2013-ABC Sitcom Back in the Game premieres.


2014-ABC Drama Series How to Get Away with Murder premieres.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 24th

1936-Disney Legend Jim Henson is born.

1937-Mickey Mouse cartoon Hawaiian Holiday is released.


1952-Goofy cartoon How to Be a Detective is released.


1958-Sitcom The Donna Reed Show premieres on ABC.


1961-Wonderful World of Color premieres on NBC with the first episode “An Adventure in Color/Mathmagic Land.”

1968-Television series The Mod Squad premieres on ABC.


1977-Television series The Love Boat premieres on ABC.


1983-Final episode of Walt Disney airs.

The Longer version of Television special Walt Disney’s Mickey and Donald airs.

1984-Frontierland attraction Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade opens in Magic Kingdom.


1985-China pavilion restaurant Lotus Blossom Cafe opens in EPCOT Center’s World Showcase.


1986-The store in Canada Pavillion of EPCOT Center’s World Showcase, La Boutique des Provinces, opens.

1991-Stage Show Hollywood’s Pretty Women premieres at Disney-MGM Studios.

1993-Touchstone film The Program starring James Caan and Halle Barry is released.

Television series Boy Meets World airs.


1999-Touchstone film Mumford is released.

Disney Channel series The Jersey premieres.


2004-Touchstone film The Last Shot starring Matthew Brockerick, Alec Baldwin and Ray Liotta is released.

2006-Television series Brothers and Sisters premieres on ABC.

2008-Pilot Gary Unmarried airs.

2009-Television series Flash Forward premieres on ABC.


2010-Disney Channel animated series Fish Hooks airs.

Touchstone film You Again is released.

2013-Television Show Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs.


Television show Trophy Wife premieres.

Television series Lucky 7 premieres on ABC.

2014-Television series Black-ish premieres on ABC.