Pixar’s favorites

In every Pixar, there has always been a voice done by John Ratzenberger.  This has given him the sort of monicker of Pixar’s lucky charm.  His roles are as follows.

Ham in the Toy Story franchise.


PT Flea in A bug’s Life


Abominable Snowman in the Monsters Franchise


The School of Fish in the Finding Nemo Franchise


The Underminer in The Incredibles Franchise


Mac in the Cars franchise


Mustafa the head waiter in Ratatouille


John in Wall-E


The Construction Foreman Tim in Up


and the guard Gordon in Brave


However, other actors have become favorites over the years and they appear quite often in Pixar films.

The first is actress Bonnie Hunt.  Her first role with Pixar was in A bug’s Life playing Rosie the Black Widow.


She later returned in Monsters, Inc., as Flint, the scarer trainer.


She would get a title or lead role in Cars as Sally Carrera, Lightning McQueen’s girlfriend and would later return to play that role in Cars 2 and we can only assume that she will be doing the same thing in Cars 3.


She joined the Toy Story universe in it’s third installment as Dolly.  One of Bonnie’s toys.


She returned to the Monsters universe as Karen Graves, Mike’s grammar school teacher.


The next also came from A bug’s Life, Brad Garrett.  Most famous for his role as Robert Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.  Brad Garrett does lots and lots of voice work.  He has proven a favorite for Pixar starting with Dim in A bug’s Life, the giant beetle that is a Teddy Bear.


He returned in Finding Nemo as Bloat, the puffer fish in the tank that gets overly excited.


Next he was in Ratatouille as Chef Gusteau.


However, he does have the part of Chug in Planes, which is inspired by Cars, but isn’t technically a Pixar.  Since Ratatouille he has yet to return to the world of Pixar.

A more recent arrival but none the less a growing favorite is Jeff Garlin.  He started in Wall-E as the captain of the Axiom.


Returned to voice Buttercup in Toy Story 3


and did the breakdown car Otis in Cars 2.


Richard Kind definatelly stole the show and John Lassiter’s attention in A bug’s Life playing Molt, Hopper’s dim witted brother.


He would return for a cameo in Cars playing Van, the male minivan that refused any help from others, nor was willing to admit that he was actually lost.


Finally, he became a part of the Toy Story series as Bookworm.  This character not dimwitted but merely a hermit like character that enjoys his solitude in return does favors for Lotso.  Often is annoyed when other toys wake him up or disturb him, however refrains in front of Lotso.


Will be returning as Bing Bong in Inside Out.

Another is Eddie McClurg who became known to us in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with her high pitched good natured voice.  She started with A bug’s Life as Dr. Flo, then to return as Minny in Cars.

Another newcomer and perhaps a soon to be favorite is Bill Hader.  The voice of the Slug and Referee in Monsters University and Fear in the upcoming Inside Out.


Now, those who have title roles, never have done another voice for Pixar unless their series got a sequel.  Such as Tom Hanks has only done Woody.  Billy Crystal for Mike Wazowski and Larry the Cable Guy for Mater.  Yet, that rule was broken by Dave Foley.  He originally played Flik in A bug’s Life.  At this time, Thursday nights were dominated by NBC’s must see Thursday.  A night that had been born by Cheers, and at this time dominated by Sienfeld and Frasier.  Pixar had Flik and Atta voiced by 2 stars of this night, Julia Louis Dreyfus from Seinfeld to play Atta and Dave from NewsRadio.  However, Phil Hartman’s death killed the latter show and A bug’s Life was followed by Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Cars.


However, Dave Foley returned to do the voice of Terry in Monsters, University, one of the two headed monsters in Ozzma Kappa.   So far he has been the only one to do this.  There are probably others that would be willing to do small roles, but truly it hasn’t been done as of yet.


There are many more voices in the Pixar world, who knows what is on the horizon.