This Day in History

This Day in Disney History June 3rd

1928-Disney Legend Harold P “Harry” Archinal is born.

1949-Donald Duck cartoon Winter Storage is released.


1960-Main Street USA restaurant Puffin Bakery closes at Disneyland.

1989-Disney Channel premiere film Looking for Miracles airs.

1994-Touchstone film Renaissance Man starring Danny DeVito, Cliff Robertson and Mark Whalberg is released.


1996-Gameshow Debt airs on Lifetime.

2001-3rd run of Disney Channel series Bug Juice airs.

2006-Final episode of The Buzz on Maggie airs.

2010-Disney Legend Rue McClanahan dies.


2011-Disney Legend Wally Boag dies.


Film X-Men First Class starring James MacAvoy,Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, Jeniffer Lawrence, January Jones, Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Jackman is released.


New Orleans Square store Mademoiselle Antionette’s Parfumerie opens in Disneyland.

Tomorrowland attraction Star Tours II-the Adventures Continue opens in Disneyland.


Paradise Pier Attraction The Little Mermaid-Ariel’s Undersea Adventure opens in California Adventure.


Paradise Pier store Seaside Souvenirs opens at California Adventure, it is a rethemed Souvenir 66.

Paradise Pier restaurant Corn Dog Castle reopens at California Adventure.

2013-ABC Family series The Fosters premieres.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History May 15th

1908-Disney Legend Joe Grant is born.

1930-Mickey Mouse cartoon The Cactus Kid is released.

1937-Silly Symphony cartoon Little Hiawatha is released.


1977-Television special Disney’s Greatest Villains airs.

1979-Final episode of Starsky & Hutch airs on ABC.

1988-Television movie Justin Case airs.

1995-Restaurant California Grill opens atop the Contemporary Resort.


Part 2 of mini series The Langoliers airs on ABC.

1998-Touchstone film The Horse Whisperer starring Robert Redford is released.

1999-Disney Channel original movie The Thirteenth Year airs.

2001-Fantillusion ends its run in Tokyo Disneyland.

2015-California Adventure opens the land Grizzly Peak Airfield, retheming Condor Flats into this new area.


New store Humprey’s Service & Supply opens in Grizzly Peak Airfield, replacing Fly ‘n’ Buy.


2016-Disney Springs opens the Town Center, the last major area of the Disney Springs expansion to open.  Among the more famous residents to open this day are Sprinkles and D-Luxe Burgers.

Boardwalk Inn resort opens an Ample Hills Creamery.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History February 8th

1952-Animated short Lambert the Sheepish Lion is released.


1956-Television show Survival in Nature airs.

1968-Film Blackbeard’s Ghost starring Peter Ustinov, Dean Jones and Suzanne Plushette is released.


1970-Part 2 of Television show Smoke airs.

1980-Film Midnight Madness is released.

Final episode of B.A.D. Cats airs on ABC.

1983-Television show A Valentine from Disney airs.

1987-Television movie The Liberators airs.

1996-Last episode of Muppets Tonight airs.

2001-Disney’s California Adventure Opens, it is the second theme park of Disneyland, and the 8th theme park of Disney.  Despite the mixed reactions and becoming butt of many jokes it eventually evolves into a park that is loved by millions.


Sunshine Plaza store Engine Ear Toys opens in Disney’s California Adventure.

Sunshine Plaza store Greetings from California: Everything Under the Sun opens in California Adventure.


Sunshine Plaza restaurant Baker’s Field Bakery opens in Disney’s California Adventure.

Sunshine Plaza restaurant Burrrbank Ice Cream opens in Disney’s California Adventure.

Land Condor Flats opens in California Adventure.


Condor Flats attraction Soarin’ Over California opens in California Adventure.


Condor Flats store Fly ‘n’ Buy opens in California Adventure.

Condor Flats restaurant Taste Pilots Grill opens in California Adventure.

Grizzly Peak attraction Grizzly River Run opens in California Adventure.


Grizzly Peak store Rushin’ River Outfitters opens at Califonria Adventure.

Grizzly Peak area The Golden Vine Winery opens at California Adventure.


Golden Vine Winery attraction Seasons of the Vine opens at California Adventure.

Golden Vine Winery restaurant Wine Country Market opens at California Adventure.

Bay area attraction Golden Dreams opens in California Adventure.

Land Paradise Pier opens in California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction California Screamin’ opens in Disney’s California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction King Triton’s Carousel of the Sea opens in California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction The Sun Wheel opens at California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction Maliboomer opens at California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction Orange Stinger opens at California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction Mulholland Madness opens at California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction Jumpin’s Jellyfish opens at California Adventure.


Paradise Pier attraction Golden Zephyr opens at California Adventure.


Paradise Pier restaurant Avalon Cove opens in California Adventure.

Paradise Pier attraction Boudin Bakery opens  in California Adventure.

Pacific Wharf attraction Mission Tortilla Factory opens in California Adventure.

Paradise Pier restaurant Cocina Cocamunga Mexicana Grille opens in California Adventure.

Pacific Wharf restaurant Lucky Fortune Cookery opens in California Adventure.

Paradise Pier restaurant Pacific Wharf Cafe opens up in California Adventure.

Bountiful Valley 4D attraction It’s Tough To Be a Bug opens in California Adventure.


The Land Hollywood Backlot opens in California Adventure.


Hollywood Backlot 4D attraction  Muppet Vision 3D opens in California Adventure.

Hollywood Backlot attraction Superstar Limo opens in California Adventure.


Hollywood Backlot attraction Hyperion Theatre opens at California Adventure.

Hollywood Backlot show Step in Time begins at California Adventure.

Hollywood Backlot attraction Disney Animation Building opens up in California Adventure.

animation animation1

Hollywood Backlot store Gone Hollywood opens in California Adventure.

Hollywood Backlot store Off the Page opens in California Adventure.

ABC Soap Opera Bistro Opens Up.

Hollywood Backlot restaurant Award Wieners opens in California Adventure.

2008-Phineas and Ferb episode The Magnificent Few airs.


2009-Disney Channel series Sonny with a Chance premieres.


This Day in History

This Day in Disney History December 20th

1924-Disney Legend Sam McKim is born.

1946-Goofy Cartoon Double Dribble is released.

Double Dribble 5

1956-Film Westward Ho the Wagons! starring Fess Parker is released.

1961-Goofy Cartoon Aquamania is released.

1968-Film The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit starring Dean Jones, Diane Baker and Kurt Russell is released.


Special cartoon Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day is released.


1972-Featurette the Magic of Walt Disney World is released.

Film Snowball Express starring Dean Jones, Harry Morgan, Keenan Wynn and Nancy Olson is released.


1974-Special cartoon Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too is released.

1975-Shortened theatrical version of Fantasy on Skis is released.

1976-Disney Legend Ned Washington dies.

1980-Disney Legend Ben Sharpsteen dies.

1981-Fantasyland attraction Fantasyland Theater closes at Disneyland.  It will become Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.

1983-Television special A Disney Christmas Gift airs.

1985-Game Show All-Star Blitz airs final episode on ABC.

1991-Touchstone picture Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Kimberly Williams, Martin Short and George Newbern is released.


2002-Paradise Pier restaurant Ariel’s Grotto opens up in Disney’s California Adventure replacing Avalon Cove.


2003-Television special A Merry  Mickey Celebration airs.


2013-Film Saving Mr. Banks starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson is released.


2014-Fantasyland attraction Storybook Land Canal Boats reopens with Arrendelle from the film Frozen at Disneyland.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History December 14th

1935-Silly Symphony cartoon Broken Toys is released.


1951-Donald Duck cartoon Bee on Guard is released.


1955-Television show Davy Crockett and the River Pirates starring Fess Parker, Buddy Ebson and Jeff York airs.


1961-Live action film Babes in Toyland is released.


1966-Actress Verna Felton, voice of the Fairy Godmother, Flora, Queen of Hearts, Aunt Sarah and Pearl Slaghoople dies.


1973-Film Superdad starring Kurt Russell is released.

1984-Featurette directed by Tim Burton, Frankenweenie is released.

1986-Television special The Christmas Star starring Ed Asner airs.

Frontierland restaurant Big Thunder Ranch opens in Disneyland.

1991-Television special Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too airs.

2001-Excel Entertainment film The Other Side of Heaven is released.


Touchstone film The Royal Tanenbaums starring Gene Hackman, Angelica Huston, Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Owen Wilson, Danny Glover and Bill Murray is released.

Golden Vine Winery restaurant Wine Country Trattoria opens in California Adventure.

2003-Pop Century resort opens in Walt Disney World.


2014-ABC airs special Backstage with Disney airs depicting 20 years of Disney Broadway.

This Day in History

This Day in Disney History November 4th

1985-Disney Legend Ben Sharpsteen is born.

1938-Donald Duck cartoon Donald’s Golf Game is released.


1949-Pluto cartoon Sheep Dog is released.


1957-Disney Legend Norm Ferguson dies.

1962-Part 2 of Television Show Sammy, the Way Out Seal airs.

1974-Television film Adventure in Satan’s Canyon airs.

1981-Television series The Fall Guy premieres on ABC.

1983-Television series Five Mile Creek premieres.

1988-Touchstone film The Good Mother directed by Leonard Nimoy and starring Diane Keaton and Niam Neeson is released.

1990-First American Teacher Award is held.

1991-Disney Legend Roger Broggie dies.

1994-Store The Walt Disney Gallery opens in connection with Disney Store.


2002-ABC Soap Opera Bistro closes.

2005-Computer animated film Chicken Little is released.


2013-Fantasyland Meet n Greet for Frozen characters Elsa and Anna opens in Disneyland replacing the Tangled Meet and Greet.


This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 30th

1913-Disney Legend Bill Walsh is born.

1933-Mickey Mouse cartoon The Steeplechase is released.


1938-Walt Disney Enterprises is consolidated into Walt Disney Productions.

1946-Educational film Treasure from the Sea is delivered to the Dow Chemical Co.

1960-Television series The Flintstone premieres on ABC.


1962-Part 1 of Television show Escapade in Florence starring Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello airs.

1970-Animated short Dad, Can I Borrow the Car is released.

1971-The Preview center closes in Orlando, Florida.  This center for previewing Walt Disney World ironically became one of the most visited locations in the state during its run.

1973-Television show Fire on Kelly Mountain airs.

1982-Tencennial Parade ends its run at Magic Kingdom.

1983-Main Street USA restaurant American Egg House in Disneyland closes.

1988-Touchstone film Heartbreak Hotel is released.

1989-Italy pavilion store  Arcata d’Antigiani closes in EPCOT Center’s World Showcase.

1992-Television series Laurie Hill premieres.

1993-Contemporary resort restaurant Top of the World closes, it will become California Grill.

1995-Marketplace restaurant Chef Mickey’s closes at Disney Village Marketplace, it will be replaced by Rainforest Cafe.

1996-Television series Dangerous Minds airs.

1997-Final episode of the animated series X-Men airs.

2001-Television series Alias premieres.

Paradise Pier restaurant Avalon Cove closes in California Adventure.

Magical Moments Parade closes in Magic Kingdom.

2003-Animation Courtyard attraction Back to Neverland closes at Disney-MGM Studios.

2005-Film The Greatest Game Ever Played starring Shia LeBeouf is released.


Final episode of Inconceivable airs.

2009-ABC Series The Middle airs.


ABC Series Hank starring Kelsey Grammar airs.

2010-Final episode of My Generation

2011-Disney Channel series Jessie airs.


2012-Television series 666 Park Avenue premieres on ABC.

Storybook Circus store Big Top Souvenirs opens in Magic Kingdom.


2014-Sitcom Selfie premieres on ABC.

Sitcom Manhattan Love Story premieres on ABC.

2015-Restaurant Morimoto Asia opens at Disney Springs.