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Since Typhoon Lagoon celebrated its 25th anniversary this past week.  One of the things I find genius with Disney Water parks is that the lazy river circumnavigates the park and you can get in and out at various places to get on different rides, or to have various refreshments.


It begs the question, if you could have a Lazy River surround a play area just for you, what would you have in that play area?

(Please Keep it Clean.) And leave your answers in the comments.

Me, I would have a movie theater that it would flow through, and then I could step out of the river into special seats that could get wet.  I would have on the other end, I would have a Swing ride on the other, just because I like Swing rides.  Plus not to mention I would have several water slides that would empty into the river.  Also it would be an Escher river with a water slide that would be in the middle of it.  No getting out of the river it would float around to the top after all, it is an Escher, after M. C. Escher.


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Question of the Week

In honor of Maleficent that comes out today, which Villain’s fashion style would you like to wear?  After all, the villains get the best outfits.

After all its a very interesting question.  Leave your comments,  Me personally I would copy Magneto’s fashion choices.



From Disney 52 Happy Mother’s Day.  Especially to my Mom.  Who is only insane because she inherited it from me.

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From Disney 52 Happy Mother’s Day

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Don’t Speak this unless you want to die

There are certain phrases you never want to say if you ever find yourself in a Star Wars Movie.  Now I don’t know how big of a problem this really is, but if you somehow get caught in a Star Wars Movie, you’ll be glad you read this article.  Lest you die by saying this.

One phrase you don’t say is “Intensify Forward Fire Power” lest someone tells you it’s too late.


Another phrase you don’t say in a Star Wars Movie is “Evacuate in our moment of Triumph” you will soon find yourself obliterated.


But the top phrase you never say in a Star Wars movie is “There’s too many of them.”

200_s  Biggs_death


Well you get the picture, so hope you enjoy these words of wisdom.

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Science Slumber Party!!

If you have ever watched A Goofy Movie you know that this is one of the principal’s suggestions on how to avoid a dull summer.  Well, I thought about it, I have friend in particular who would probably do it.  So I thought how would one do a Disney Science Slumber Party.

Well first, one would have to do a Disney science experiment, and the truly only Disney Science project that comes to mind is Flubber.  Here is the recipe.

The Ingredients are

3 Cups Warm Water

2 Cups Elmer’s White Glue

Food Coloring

20 Mule Team Borax, available in the grocery store laundry section

Now you combine

1 1/2 cups very warm water

2 cups Elmer’s White Glue (or any other white glue)

Add the food coloring here, or glitter if you so choose.

Completely mix the combination, do not move onto next step until you have mixed this step.

In a small container combine and mix:

1 1/3 cups very warm water

2 tsp of 20 Mule Team Borax.

Stir until the Borax is completely dissolved.

Next combine the two mixtures and mix with your hands until all the liquid is absorbed.  You may have to do several treatments before you actually combine the flubber.

1st Note-Borax can be hazardous, if you aren’t old enough, have your parents help you with the creation of flubber.  Also there is a borax free recipe that is known as Gak.

2nd-To remove flubber that may get stuck to anything, simply use white vinegar to get out.

Remember this is the Flubber that Fred MacMurray would’ve handled not Robin Williams.

But of course what would a Disney Science Night be without Science Movies.

First up the original and classic The Absent-Minded Professor see what happens when Disney Legend Fred MacMurray creates a powerful substance that makes anything float.  Though in Black and White this classic film still has its hilarious moments such as the basketball game and of course one of Disney’s favorite antagonists, Keenan Wynn.


Next up is the sequel, Son of Flubber though Professor Brainard played by Disney Legend Fred MacMurray has sold his Flubber.  He hasn’t gotten any money off of it.  So he goes back into his home and creates Flubbergas.  Hoping to increase the weather, but it has some unusual effects.  The end has a very funny cameo by Ed Wynn, father of Keenan Wynn.


Here is another two part Disney Science Project, the Merlin Jones series, or the first one The Misadventures of Merlin Jones.  This one stars Disney Legend Annette Funicello and regular Tommy Kirk.  In this film, Merlin Jones, a brilliant college student, starts using his research long before he actually figures out what could possibly go wrong.  The hijinks included in this are mind reading and subliminal messaging.

The Misadventures of Merlin Jones still 3

The sequel to this is Son of Flubber where Merlin Jones is at it again, this time helping them save their football team from disappearing.  Merlin Jones must make a man powered flying craft.


Finally if you want to come more modern, then go with the remake of The Absent Minded Professor starring Robin Williams its Flubber.  A remake of the 1960’s classic this time with computer generated flubber that is really fun to watch.


If you want some short cartoons on science, consider these, first up it’s The Mad Doctor.  This classic black and white Mickey parodies the horror genre at the time and puts Mickey in action hero role as he tries to save Pluto.


The next one is also a Mickey Mouse cartoon entitled the Worm Turns here Mickey creates brave tonic and uses it on various subjects that are usually the prey in every situation.


And finally the last Mickey Mouse cartoon also a spoof on Horror genre is Runaway Brain.  Here Mickey makes himself a science project only to have it back fire in his face, or head.


Just some ideas to have your own Science Slumber Party, or even a night of just Disney Science fun.

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Donald Duck’s Dating Lessons

Dating can be one of the more serious and stressing things any person can go through.  The result of this being that people become bitter or find humorous ways to let off steam.  Unfortunately, as hard as you try, you can’t be perfect at it.  You learn from others or yourself.  If you are smart you learn from others, one of those is Donald Duck.

Donald, unlike Mickey, seems to have problems with dating Daisy.  Yet, we can sure learn lots of lessons from this Duck.  Here are some lessons that the Duck has taught us.

Never laugh at her appearance.  No matter what, laughing at someone can always cause problems, as Donald learns in Cured Duck where Donald laughs at Daisy’s Hat.


In this cartoon, Daisy is tired of Donald’s terrible habits.  She insists that he control his temper.  After learning to control his temper through the use of an insult machine.  He comes back to prove to Daisy that he can control his temper, which he does so successfully, but upon seeing a very ridiculous hat, laughs and she ends up getting into a fight with him.  At least Donald is dating his equal.

In our quest to win the girl, we tend to do whatever to make sure that we come out triumphant.  Unfortunately some people use tricks, and this never works.  When Donald uses his doppelganger to go on a date with Daisy, it backfires quickly in Donald’s Double Trouble.


Again Daisy is frustrated with Donald, especially his voice, finding his double out in the world.  Donald convinces the double to go on a date in his place.  His double does so after seeing a picture of Daisy, and soon Donald realizes that this double is a smooth operator and could possibly win Daisy’s heart.  Donald follows annoyingly close the entire evening, until finally disaster strikes on the Tunnel of Love.

Never underestimate the power of cute nephews.  Though Donald doesn’t like that his nephews insist on coming with him, they end up getting him a lot of kisses in Mr. Duck Steps Out.


In this cartoon, Donald keeps trying to leave his nephews behind who insist on coming on a date with him and Daisy.  She thinks the nephews are adorable, but Donald wants them to scram.  After giving them money for ice cream backfires, he locks them in a closet, only to have a saw in that closet that they find and use to escape.  Then finding an ear of corn, they heat it up and drop it in Donald’s jacket, which immediately starts to pop, causing Donald to dance eradacally only to have Daisy faint over his wild moves.

Finally Donald teaches us the important lesson, if one is to start dating, one must be ready for the consequences as exhibited in Donald’s Diary.



This cartoon is more of a commentary, but it highlights Donald who finds himself falling in love, or being forced into love.  Upon going on a date with Daisy, Donald panics and imagines what his future will probably hold.  Frightened Donald runs off and joins the foreign legion.

These four cartoons highlight Donald’s dating life with Daisy, which is disaster prone, and quite hilarious, because mine isn’t that bad.


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Strolling through Disneyland

Disneyland is the most instagram place on earth.  Millions go there a year, and the park has rides that are more famous than many countries.  Disney is always trying to keep the park up to date and fresh, for as Walt Disney said to an early imagineer, “I dream that no one shows up, and those are my nightmares.”  While the park has always kept up with the changes, there are still nods to the past found everywhere, and sometimes even things from old attractions still laying in plain sight.

Strolling down Main Street, there are many stores up and down the street as well as restaurants.  However, there are great secrets and nods to the past.  One of these is the Fire Wagon.  Going into the Fire Station, you will see a Horse-drawn Fire Wagon that is parked there.  Between 1955 and 1960 this vehicle was pulled up and down Main Street letting guests go on a ride.  Between 1958 and 1960 guests could ride on the Horse-drawn Streetcars, Fire Wagon, Surreys, Horseless Carriage, Omnibus and a Fire Engine.   However, as foot traffic increased the problem became apparent.  Horses are animals that defecate wherever, and before anyone from Disney could clean it up invariably some guest would step in it and track it through the park.  The Fire Wagon was parked in the Fire Station and in 1971 the Surreys were pulled off Main Street and sold.  However, like a silent sentinel of the past, this vehicle stands tall and proud welcoming generation after generation into the park that Walt built.  A reminder that our world is built upon the legacy of the past.