This Day in History

Disday in Disney History

1901-Walter Elias Disney is born to Elias and Flora Disney in Chicago, Illinois.


1930-Mickey Mouse cartoon Pioneer Days is released.

1941-Donald Duck cartoon Chef Donald is released.


1981-Television show A Magical Disney Christmas airs.

1985-City of Anaheim celebrates Disneyland on Walt’s Birthday with the event Skyfest.  Record One Million balloons were released.


1987-Television special The Christmas Visitor airs.

1988-Disney Legend Joe Potter dies.

1990-Preview center for Disneyland Paris called Espace Euro Disney opens.

Film for the Preview center entitled Euro Disney: Quand L’imaginaire devient realite or Euro Disney: When Dreams Become Reality premieres.

2001-Hollywood Backlot attraction One Man”s Dream: 100 Years of Magic opens in California Adventure replacing Magic of Disney Animation.

2002-Disney Legend Roone Alredge dies.


2008-Phineas and Ferb episode Out to Launch airs.

launch launch1

2011-Christmas special Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice airs.



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