This Day in History

This Day in Disney History October 23rd

1930-Mickey Mouse cartoon The Picnic is released.

1931-Silly Symphony cartoon The Spider and the Fly is released.

1941-Animated film Dumbo is released.


1942-Goofy cartoon How to Swim is released.

How To Swim 2

1953-Donald Duck cartoon Rugged Bear is released.


1957-Television special Duck for Hire airs.

1959-Television Show The Swamp Fox: The Birth of the Swamp Fox starring Leslie Nielsen and Tim Considine airs.


1966-Part 1 of Television Show Gallagher Goes West: Showdown with the Sundown Kid airs.

1973-Wide World of Entertainment Special Walt Disney-A Golden Anniversary Salute airs on ABC.

1982-Television special EPCOT Center: The Opening Celebration hosted by Danny Kaye and featuring Drew Barrymore, Roy Clark and Marie Osmand airs.

Future world restaurant Sunrise Terrace Restaurant opens in EPCOT Center’s Communicore.

1985-Cina pavilion restaurant Nine Dragons opens in EPCOT Center’s World Showcase.


1994-Television series Hardball airs final episode.

1995-Final episode of Misery Loves Company airs.

2009-Final episode of Defying Gravity airs on ABC.

2011-Hit television series Once Upon a Time airs.



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