This Day in History

This Day in Disney History September 8th

1955-The One Millionth guest walks through the Gates of Disneyland.

1962-Final episode of Meet Me at Disneyland airs.

1967-Television series The Guns of Will Sonnett premieres on ABC.

1968-Final episode of Milton the Monster airs on ABC.

1974-Final episode of The F.B.I. airs on ABC.

1990-Television series The Fanelli Boys premieres.

1991-Television special The Darkwing Duck Premiere; Back to School with the Mickey Mouse Club airs.

Television series Herman’s Head premieres.

Fantasyland attraction Baloo’s Dressing Room closes at Disneyland.

1993-Hollywood Picture film The Joy Luck Club is released.

1995-Hollywood Pictures film The Tie that Binds is released.

Animated series The Lion King’s Timon & Pumba premieres.


1998-Fox Series Costello airs.

2000-Television series Boy Meets World airs its final episode.

Disney Channel Original Movie The Other Me airs.

2004-Disney Legend and one of Walt’s Nine Old Men Frank Thomas dies.


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