This Day in History

This Day in Disney History August 17th

1941-Walt Disney and several from his production staff head off to South America on a Goodwill Tour sponsored by the US.

1990-Film Taking Care of Business is released.

Disney Channel premiere film The Little Kidnappers starring Charlton Heston airs.

1998-Discoveryland 3D attraction Cinemagique featuring Captain EO closes in Disneyland Paris.

1999-Direct-to-video movie Belle’s Tales of Friendship is released.

Direct-to-video movie release of Hercules: Zero to Hero is released.

2001-Disney Channel original movie Jumping Ship airs.


2004-Direct-to-Video animated film The Three Musketeers is released.


2007-Disney Channel series Phineas and Ferb premieres to huge acclaim.


Disney Channel original movie High School Musical 2 airs.


2010-ABC Family series Melissa & Joey premieres.


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