This Day in History

This Day in Disney History August 10th

1922-Disney Legend Lucille Martin is born.

1935-Disney Legend and Disneylander native Ron Dominguez is born.  He will grow up on the piece of land that will eventually become the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.


1945-Donald Duck cartoon Duck Pimples is released.


1951-Mickey Mouse cartoon R’Coon Dawg is released.


1960-Featurette The Hound that Thought He was a Raccoon is released.

1962-Marvel comic Amazing Fantasy #15 where Spider-Man premieres is published. It also debuts Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker.


Marvel Comic Journey Into Mystery #83 is published, it introduces us to the modern version of Thor.


1989-Educational film Trains is released.

1994-Contemporary restaurant Concourse Steakhouse opens up replacing the Concourse Grille.

2006-The Share a Dream Come True Parade is updated to the Disney Dreams Come True Parade at Magic Kingdom.

2008-Phineas and Ferb episode Put that Putter Away and Does this Duckbill Make Me Look Fat airs.

putter putter1 putter2 putter3 putter4 putter5


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