This Day in History

This Day in Disney History August 7th

1928-Mickey Mouse cartoon The Gallopin’ Gaucho is released.


1974-Film The Castaway Cowboy starring James Garner and Vera Miles is released.

1981-Film Condorman is released.

1988-Disney Legend Wilfred Jackson dies.

1989-Educational film Ships is released.

1992-Special cartoon Petal to the Metal is released.

Touchstone film 3 Ninjas is released.

1998-Touchstone film Snake Eyes starring Nicholas Cage and Gary Sinise is released.

2007-New Orleans Square attraction The Disney Gallery closes in Disneyland.

2009-Phineas and Ferb episode The Baljeatles and Vanessary Roughness airs.

band band1 band2 band3

Final episode of The Goode Family airs on ABC.

2015-Film The Fantastic Four is released.  It being the film reboot of the popular characters from Marvel.


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