This Day in History

This Day in Disney History July 8th

1909-Disney Legend Mario Gentilini is born.

1926-Disney Legend Horst Koblischek is born.

1931-Disney Legend Roone Arledge is born.

1938-Donald Duck cartoon Good Scouts is released.


1956-Donald Duck cartoon How to Have and Accident at Home is released.


1958-Film Light in the Forest starring James MacArthur and Fess Parker is released.

1994-Fantasyland attraction The Legend of the Lion King opens in Magic Kingdom replacing Magic Journeys.


1995-Series Finale of Empty Nest airs.

2002-Disney Legend and one of the Nine Old Men Ward Kimball dies.

2003-Disney Channel series The Book of Pooh final episode airs.

2005-Marvel Film Fantastic Four is released.


Touchstone film Dark Water starring Jennifer Connely, John C Reilly, Pete Postlewaite and Shelly Duvall is released.

2006-Adventureland fruit market Tropical Imports reopens after being a shop in Disneyland.


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