This Day in History

Flag Day in Disney History

1895-Disney Legend Cliff Edwards is born.

1958-Frontierland vessel Sailing Ship Columbia opens in Disneyland.


Fantasyland ride Alice in Wonderland opens, modeled after the 1951 film.


1959-Matterhorn Bobsleds open in Disneyland.  Originally they will be in Tomorrowland, but over the years they will be in Fantasyland.


Tomorrowland attraction Alweg Monorail opens in Disneyland.


Tomorrowland attraction Submarine Voyage is dedicated at Disneyland.


1985-Main Street USA store Card Corner opens replacing Carefree Corner in Disneyland.

1994-Television special the Lion King: Musical Journey airs.

1997-Final episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman airs on ABC.

2005-Direct to Video Animated film Tarzan II is released.

2006-Final episode of Commander in Chief airs.

2008-Phineas and Ferb episode A Hard Day’s Knight is released.

knight knight1 knight2

2012-Cars Land opening ceremony is held at California Adventure.

cars land


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