This Day in History

This Day in Disney History May 20th

1973-Main Street USA attraction Plaza Swan Boats opens in Magic Kingdom.


Frontierland attraction Tom Sawyer Island opens in Magic Kingdom.


Liberty Square riverboat Richard F Irvine opens in Magic Kingdom.

1988-Lucasfilm Willow starring Val Kilmer and Warwick Davis is released.


1989-Television special Disneyland Blast to the Past airs.

1991-Television Special The Best of Disney: 50 Years of Magic airs.

1994-Direct to Video animated film The Return of Jafar is released.


1996-Fantasia Gardens a miniature Golf Course opens up near the Swan at Walt Disney World.


2000-Television series Honey, I Shrunk the Kids airs its final episode.

2001-Part 1 of Anne Frank starring Ben Kingsley airs.

2003-Direct to Video film Atlantis: Milo’s Return is released.

2005-Television movie the Muppets’ Wizard of Oz airs.


2011-Film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides starring Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane, Kevin McNally, Sam Claflin and Richard Griffiths is released.


New Orleans Square attraction Pirates of the Caribbean changes temporarily as Ian McShane’s character Blackbeard soley appears on the ride in Disneyland.

Adventureland attraction Pirates of the Caribbean also adds Blackbeard to it in the Magic Kingdom.

Backlot attraction Star Tours II The Adventure Continues opens in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


2013-ABC Series Motive premieres.



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