This Day in History

This Day in Disney History April 26th

1940-Mickey Mouse cartoon Tugboat Mickey is released.


1953-Final episode of Lash of the West airs on ABC.

1981-Television special Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life airs.

1987-Final episode of Today’s Business airs.

1990-Mickey’s Star Land show Mickey’s Magical TV World opens at Magic Kingdom.

1991-Touchstone film Oscar is released.

Television series Dinosaurs premieres.


1992-Plaza Gardens Stage show Enchanted Book Shoppe ends its run at Disneyland.   There will be a Beauty and the Beast show at Videopolis.

1998-Television special Disney’s Animal Kingdom: The First Adventure starring Drew Carey airs.

2000-Final episode of Wonderland airs.

2002-Touchstone film Frank McKlusky, C.I. is released.

2005-Disney Legend Bob Schiffer dies.



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