This Day in History

The Birthday in Disney History

1931-MickeyMouse cartoon The Castaway is released.

1960-Featurette Japan is released.

1983-Television series Zorro and Son premieres.

1990-Touchstone film Ernest Goes to Jail starring Jim Varney and Gailard Sartain is released.


Main Street USA restaurant Blue Ribbon Bakery opens in Disneyland.

1991-Animated series Darkwing Duck airs.


1993-Television movie Miracle Child airs.

1997-Tomorrowland 3D film Captain EO closes at Disneyland.

2001-Hollywood Picture film Just Visiting is released.

2004-Television series It’s All Relative airs final episode.

2005-Hollywood Backlot attraction One Man’s Dream: 100 Years of Magic ends at California Adventure.

2007-Mexico pavilion Gran Fiesta Tour opens in Epcot’s World Showcase.


2011-Final episode of Off the Map airs on ABC.

2014-Iconic actor Mickey Rooney dies, he was caricatured in The Autograph Hound provided the voice of Todd in The Fox and the Hound, played Lampey in Pete’s Dragon and had a cameo in The Muppets.


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