This Day in History

National Waffle Day in Disney History

1956-Disney Legend Robert Newton dies.

Disney Legend Matthew Garber is born.

1960-Part 10 of Television Special Elfego Baca: Gus Tomlin is Dead airs.

1962-Part 3 of Television Show The Prince and the Pauper entitled Long Live the Rightful King airs.

Final episode of Bus Stop airs.

1966-Soap Opera The Young Marrieds airs final episode on ABC.

1969-Final episode of N.Y.P.D. airs on ABC.

1973-Part 2 of television series The Boy and the Bronc Buster airs.

1979-Part 1 of television special Born to Run airs.

1983-Television series Gun Shy premieres.

1987-Television special Down and Out with Donald Duck airs.

Final episode of Harry airs.

1988-Television Disney’s Totally Minnie airs.

1994-The film D2: The Mighty Ducks is released.

2001-Disney Legend Larry Lansburgh dies.

Disney Channel series In a Heartbeat airs its final episode.

2002-Television series The Bachelor premieres.


2006-Disney Legend Richard Fleischer passes away.

2011-Disney Channel original movie The Suite Live Movie airs.


Hollywood Backlot show Disney Junior-Live on Stage premieres at California Adventure replacing Playhouse Disney-Live on Stage.


2012-Last episode of So Random airs.

2014-Final episode of Mind Games airs on ABC.


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