This Day in History

This Day in Disney History January 31st

1965-Part 2 of Gallegher airs.

1969-Final episode of Felony Squad airs on ABC.

1986-Touchstone film Down and Out in Beverly Hills starring Nick Nolte, Bette Middler, Richard Dreyfus and Little Richard is released.

1988-Television series The Wonder Years premieres on ABC.


1992-Animated series Capitol Critters premieres on ABC.


Critter Country store Professor Barnaby Owl’s Photographic Studio opens in Disneyland.


1994-Communicore pavilion attraction Energy Exchange closes in Epcot’s Future World.

Communicore pavilion attraction FutureCom closes in Epcot’s Future World.

1997-Special Edition of Star Wars IV A New Hope is released into theaters.

special new

Hollywood Picture film Shadow Conspiracy starring Charlie Sheen, Linda Hamilton and Donald Sutherland is released.

2003-Touchstone film The Recruit starring Al Pacino is released.

Final episode of Win Ben Stein’s Money airs on Comedy Central.

2008-Television series Eli Stone premieres.

Disneyland Dream Suite opens above Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland.

suite suite1 suite2 suite3 suite4 suite5



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