This Day in History

This Day in Disney History January 24th

1906-Disney Legend Wilfred Jackson is born.

1927-Alice Comedy Alice Foils the Pirates is released.

1941-Pluto cartoon Pluto’s Playmate is released.


1964-Television show The Restless Sea airs.

1965-Part 1 of Gallegher airs.

1986-Television special Disney’s Living Seas airs.

1987-Television movie Double Switch airs.

1988-Part 2 of Earth*Star Voyager is released.

1992-Film Blame it on the Bellboy starring Dudley Moore, Bronson Pinchot and Richard Griffiths is released.

1993-Land Mickey’s Toontown opens in Disneyland.


Mickey’s Toontown attraction Mickey’s House opens in Disneyland.


Mickey’s Toontown attraction Minnie’s House opens in Disneyland.


Mickey’s Toontown attraction Donald’s Boat opens in Disneyland.


Mickey’s Toontown attraction Goofy’s Bounce House opens in Disneyland.

Goofy's Bounce House

Mickey’s Toontown attraction Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Treehouse opens in Disneyland.


Acorn Ball Crawl opens in Mickey’s Toontown of Disneyland.

Mickey’s Toontown attraction Jolly Trolley opens in Disneyland.

Gadget’s Go Coaster opens in Mickey’s Toontown of Disneyland.

Gag Factory/Toontown Five & Dime store in Mickey’s Toontown of Disneyland opens.

1994-Television movie To My Daughter, with Love starring Rick Schroder and Khandi Alexander airs.

1997-Hollywood Picture film Prefontaine is released.

1999-Wonderful World of Disney movie A Saintly Switch airs.

2000-Television series Brutally Normal airs.

Television network SoapNet debuts.

2006-Disney announces plans to purchase Pixar Animation Studios.


2007-The Seas with Nemo & Friends opens at Epcot’s Future World.


2008-Final episode of Big Shots airs on ABC.

2011-Fantasyland 4D attraction Mickey’s Philharmagic opens at Tokyo Disneyland.


2013-Final episode of Last Resort airs.


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