This Day in History

This Day in Disney History January 11th

1942-Donald Duck cartoon Donald’s Decision is delivered to the National Film Board of Canada.

1949-Television series Stand By for Crime premieres on ABC.

1956-Part 2 of Television show When Knighthood was in Flower airs.

1974-Final episode of Room 222 airs on ABC.

1976-Part 1 of Television show The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper airs.

1990-Party Gras Parade premieres at Disneyland.


1993-Fantasyland attraction Motorboat Cruise closes in Disneyland.

1994-Television series Monty starring Henry Winkler premieres.

1995-Television series Unhappily Ever After premieres on WB.

1996-Final episode of The Commish airs on ABC.

2002-Hollywood Backlot attraction Superstar Limo closes in California Adventure.

2004-Final episode 10-8: Officers on Duty airs on ABC.

2013-Disney Junior show Sofia the First premieres.



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