This Day in History

This Day in Disney History November 25th

1933-Mickey Mouse cartoon Giantland is released.

1938-Animated short Ferdinand the Bull is released.


1949-Donald Duck cartoon Slide, Donald, Slide is released.


1962-Part 2 of Television show The Magnificent Rebel airs.

1971-Circle vision film America the Beautiful begins as an attraction in Tomorrowland of Magic Kingdom.

1984-Television Movie The Ewok Adventure airs to great success.


1987-Touchstone film Three Men and a Little Baby directed by Leonard Nimoy and starring Tom Sellick, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson and Nancy Travis is released.


1988-Television special Ducktales: Time is Money airs.

1992-Mickey’s Toontown Railroad Station opens in Disneyland replacing Videopolis Train Station.

1994-Television special Disney’s Greatest Hits on Ice airs.

1996-Final performance of the Main Street Electrical Parade runs at Disneyland.


2009-Film Old Dogs starring Robin Williams and John Travolta is released.


2011-Final episode of Take Two with Phineas and Ferb airs.


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