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Big Hero 6

Yesterday saw the release of Disney’s newest animated film Big Hero 6 that is an adaptation of a Marvel Comic strip.  This newest member to the Disney family is an amazing addition.  I thought it was really good and in my opinion is the number #1 Animated movie of the year, pushing the former Mr. Peabody and Sherman down to number #2.


The film set in the fictional San Fransokyo is about Hiro, a whiz kid of 13/14 who has already graduated school and uses his talents creating ultimate fighting bots that always win.  His older brother Tidashi knows he is wasting his talent and takes him to his school one night where he has him meet his friends, Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Drop and Fred.  Hiro is impressed by the use of all the new technologies the different students are coming up with.  He also is impressed by his brothers invention Baymax, a personal Health Care Companion robot that inflates out of his carrier whenever he hears a call of distress.  That is why Baymax looks like a giant marshmallow. He also meets a Professor Calhoun who encourages the young Hiro to apply for the school, the process involving an intense display of robotics.  Hiro demonstrates his microbots, and wins the coveted entry.  However, a fire breaks out, everybody but Professor Calhoun makes it out.  Tadashi runs back into the building to save him, and is killed by an explosion.  Hiro is depressed by the news, and one day when a piece of his robot falls on his foot, he cries out in pain and Baymax immediately springs to life wanting to give him aid.  Hiro isn’t too impressed and Baymax inadvertently sends Hiro on a quest that crosses him with a villain who is using Microbots.  Thus, Baymax and Hiro and eventually the other students form the group Big Hero 6.

This movie is very well done, it features lots of great action sequences, amazing flight sequences, and jokes a plenty, quite a bit of which will go over many children’s head.  Kids will love it, but for children under 5, depending how your kid is, they may have a harder time focusing.  It all depends on the kid after all.  I’ve known five year olds that can sit through a 3 hour movie, and 12 year olds that can’t watch 30 seconds of something without whining.  Though this film can get pretty dark, at least one character dies in the movie.  This movie has heart and it has the difficult challenges of any Marvel comic experience.  I like this movie and will go back to see it again in theaters and I highly recommend it for any child over 5 years of age.


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