Disney Countdown

What does the future hold for Disney? Walt Disney Says “We’re Just Getting Started”


It’s August 2014, and the summer is beginning to close, but that doesn’t mean Disney is stopping.

The 60th Anniversary of Disneyland is next year, so no major projects will be done, but Disney is hard at work getting the park ready for this anniversary.

At the most recent anniversary, Disneyland announced the diamond anniversary.


ABC will see a new series this fall entitled Agent Carter that will premiere this fall.

Having read this book as a child, I am most excited for this movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day I love this book and can’t wait to see it in theaters October 10th 2014.

Disney just began work on the sequel to the live action version Alice in Wonderland, it is entitled Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass.  Scheduled for May 27th 2016.


Coming to ABC soon is the series American Crime.

Animal Kingdom is busy constructing its newest expansion of land and E-Ticket or F-Ticket attractions based upon James Cameron’s Avatar. No official name has been given but it is simply referred to as Avatar Land or Pandora Land, none of these are official names.

Thanks to Disney Dining.com they show us really the only image we are going to see for years at Animal Kingdom.


But don’t worry, we will initiate bench watch, to see if that bench moves at all during the construction, what color it may change to and also if it may have a mate.

This month begins production of the Ant Man movie that will star Evangeline Lilly and Corey Stoll.


ABC Series The Astronauts Wives Club is still waiting for its premiere .


We are all excited for the next Avengers movie that is coming out in the next couple of years.  Here is a picture from the production of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  This movie is set to be released May 1st 2015.


Disney Animation is getting busy with their Marvel animated film Big Hero 6 slated to release November 7th 2014, here is a look at the trailer.

ABC will be coming out with this series Black-ish a sitcom will premiere on Wednesday September 24th 2014.

Another sequel for Captain America, which of yet has no name but just Captain America 3 will be released May 6th 2016.

Another sequel to the Cars series is planned stay tuned for more information on Cars 3 expect a release date in the latter half of this decade.


According to IMDB they are working on a Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers movie.

Disney is also making another live action transition of one of their animated features.  Cinderella will be the movie opener for next years summer season in March 2015.

Another sitcom coming to ABC on Friday October 10th is Cristella.

Kenny Ortega, the director behind Newsies, Hocus Pocus and High School Musical series is developing another Disney Channel movie entitled Descendents.  They are the children of beloved Disney Villains.


Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World is currently undergoing a transition with the addition of Disney Springs.

Disney Parks Blog showed us images of a great renderings of what is to come.

NBL545392-613x288 NBL6868642-613x288

Recently Disney opened a new bridge, in part of the transformation into Disney Springs.


Disney keeps giving us great details.

Disney has announced that they are working on a live action version of Dumbo.  In all fairness to Disney I will withhold what I really am thinking.


There is a third hotel soon to be constructed in Hong Kong entitled the Explorer’s Lodge.


There has been a release date given to the highly anticipated game Fantasia: Music Evolved that will be coming out on October 21st 2014.


Pixar is also working on a sequel Finding Nemo entitled Finding Dory that is slated for a 2016 release.


Now this show sounds promising, that is just from reading it, it is entitled Forever where the main character has lived for well over 200 years, it premieres on Tuesday September 23rd 2014.

This sitcom is a retro show that takes place in the 90’s.  Really am I that old that the 90’s are considered retro.  It is a sitcom entitled Fresh off the Boat and takes place in Orlando, and is set to premiere this fall.

Now this one sounds interesting, it is a Musical revue show that will appear on ABC this fall, entitled Galavant and takes place in Fairy Tale times but not associated with Once Upon a Time in any way.  It also has Timothy Odumndson, who can’t be excited.  The Leprechaun returns to Disney.

Animated film slated for a 2016 release is Giants no other information at this point.

Pixar is still working on Good Dinosaur release date yet to be announced.


A second Guardians of the Galaxy is in the works and will be released on July 28th 2017.


Comic Con featured a panel with Guillermo del Toro talking about the Haunted Mansion movie that is now in its script phase.


ABC is also coming out with a brand new series called How to Get Away with Murder a drama that will premiere on Thursday September 25th 2014.

My wish has finally come true, there will be a sequel to Incredibles 2 release date to be announced.


Marvel has greenligted production on another series, The Inhumans are getting their own movie.


Pixar is also working on Inside Out that will be released June 19th 2015 along with a short entitled Lava.

Inside-Out-Logo  Disney-Pixar-LAVA-poster

The Stephen Sondhiem Musical Into the Woods is slated for a Christmas release in 2014.  Here is the first trailer.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Tomorrowland is awaiting an Iron Man attraction, with construction beginning very soon.

iron iron

A crane is there, construction has begun.


Disney is working on a Live action version of The Jungle Book and many famous actors are being announced as various voices.

Jungle Book Bagheera

An animated series that is a spin-off of The Lion King is in the works called The Lion Guard.


The Magician from Marvel is getting a movie.


A new sitcom is coming to ABC this fall entitled Manhattan Love Story that explores the difference between Men and Women and is set to premiere Tuesday September 30th 2014.

DisneyNature is already gearing up for next year’s release entitled Monkey Kingdom, stay tuned for more information.

Hong Kong Disneyland is hard at work to premiere their own version of the Electrical Parade entitled Paint the Night, this looks awesome.


Fortunately they are working on another Pirates of the Caribbean, they have to save the Black Pearl after all. The next one Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will eventually be in production.

At Walt Disney World, renovation work is underway at the Polynesian Resort.  Part of it will be that they are adding DVC (Disney Vacation Club) Villas and also other things, like 1-changing the name of the resort back to its opening name the Polynesian Village Resort.  2-Changing the lobby, this they do regretfully.  3-Add a bar based upon the one at the Disneyland Hotel in California.

New Excitement at Disney's Polynesian 2_Polynesian 3_Polynsian 4_Polynesian

The Rivers of Light project is continuing ahead, as of yet, there are no major construction progress seen.


A new series entitled Selfie will come to ABC Tuesday September 30th 2014.

Shanghai Disneyland may be pushing its opening back to 2016, this being the case, other projects around Disney Parks may as well get pushed back, but major buildings are starting construction.


Christmas 2015 brings us Star Wars VII An Ancient Fear, and production has already begun.  With the announcement of who is starring in it, from actors such as John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis (Famous for playing Gollum on Lord of the Rings), Domnhall Gleeson and Max Von Sydow.  It will also feature returning actors to their previous roles, such as Mark Hammill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker.  May the Force keep us patient while waiting for this.

7 star-wars-episode-7-poster

Disney is working on its three spin off Star Wars movies in edition to episodes 7, 8 and 9.  These are not confirmed the plots, but examples of these plots would be about Yoda’s life before the movies, Han Solo before we see him in Episode 4 and Bobba Fett what happens to him after Clone Wars and before Empire Strikes Back.  As I said they could be anything, but one confirmation is that Gareth Edwards, the director of the recently released and very well done Godzilla will be directing the first one coming out in 2016.

Coming to Disney X D is a new animated series entitled Star Wars Rebels that will tell the story between episodes III and IV.  I have come to love the Clone War Series and this one looks intensely good.

During a conference call Bob Iger announced that they would be announcing the details of the upcoming Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios, next year.  So let us get ready for the announcement.


To me the most intriguing of concepts is the new Brad Bird film entitled Tomorrowland that is slated for May of 2015.  This film is quite a mystery and if you follow Disney Parks Blog, it is an even greater enigma.  I for one am excited if only to figure out what the mystery is, but please Brad Bird, if you get  the same person who advertised John Carter run out of the room screaming informing them they don’t have a chance in Judecca.


A dark supernatural sci-fi series entitled The Whispers is coming to ABC this fall.

One of the next X-Men Movies about Apocalypto is underway for production.


Also in the works is Zootopia an animated feature slated for March of 2016.


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