Disney Countdown

Planes Countdown

Next Friday, Planes Fire & Rescue is released to theaters nationwide. This park takes place in the fictional park of Piston Peak National Park, most likely modeled after Yosemite National Park in California. So for this countdown we are going to do Disney’s famous National Park Moments.

Starting with the classic Donald Duck cartoon from 1938 Good Scouts. In this one, Donald Duck takes his nephews on a camping trip and in often attempting to teach them the “correct method” for everything, it often backfires in Donald’s Face. Donald plays a trick on them, and they practice First Aid on him. The result is Donald is bound up beak to tail. However, honey spills on Donald and this attracts cubs and then attracts Bears. Donald smacks the big bear that immediately becomes enraged and is chased. Ending up with Donald landing in the mouth of the Geyser “Old Fateful.”


Taking place in a National forest, most likely in Yellowstone National Park. This cartoon is one of Donald’s best.


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