Disney Countdown

Wolverine Time: Wolverine

It’s 1:11 or Wolverine time, time for our last mutant Wolverine.

X Men Cartoon Wallpaper-786147

Son of a wealthy Canadian Landowner, James Howlett began his life under a very sickly state; he discovered his mutant powers when the gardener came in and tried to take his mother away.  James claws manifested and he killed the Groundskeeper.  His mother took her own life, James ran away and lived in exile with a friend named Rose.  They took up the guise of Cousins, and he worked in a mine.  Where he gained great strength and even improved his skills by hunting with the wolves.  Soon, Dog, from his old life came to kill James who had taken up the name of Logan.  He showed his claws for the first time in public and Rose steps in the way to stop him from killing Dog and ends up killing Rose.  The Wolverine runs and hides in the woods.  He has many implanted memories and can’t be sure of what actually happened due to his experimantation with Weapon X.  His natural ability is super regenerative powers that practically makes him immortal because he can heal long before anything kills him and he has remained looking like he is in his 30’s for many years.  He has three claws that come out of his hands.  During Weapon X experiments he had a surgical process done that graphed his bones structures with Adimantium that is virtually indestructible.  It gives his claws even greater cutting strength, and it has been removed by Magneto at one point.


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