Disney Countdown

The Price Club: David Ogden Stiers

Today we mention perhaps a little less known villain, but the actor is well known, David Ogden Stiers.

Born on October 31st 1942, David went to the same high school as film critic Roger Ebert, and later went on to study acting.  His most famous role is Major Charles Emerson Winchester III on M*A*S*H and he appeared as the dad on Better Off Dead.  His Disney roles include Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast while also doing the opening narration for both film and Broadway versions.  The Archdeacon in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mr. Harcourt in Atlantis: The Lost Empire.  His nomination comes from playing Governor Ratcliffe and Wiggins on Pocahontas and not necessarily the villain but the evil mastermind behind Experiment 626 aka Stitch, the Mad Genius Jumba Jookiba on Lilo & Stitch.  He also played in live action Jovanivich in Jungle 2 Jungle with Tim Allen and Martin Short.  He is a world renowned musician as well, and has conducted several orchestras.

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