Disney Countdown

Wolverine Time: Magneto

It’s 1:11 or Wolverine Time, time to list a personal favorite of mine, Magneto.


This villain, is a mutant, real name Mex Eisenhardt, but goes by the alias of Eric Lehnsher.  Having survived Auschwitz and having served in the Sonderkommando, the Jews that the Nazis made operate the gas chambers.  He survived and eventually found and married a Gypsy girl Magda.  The two of them had a love that would span the ages.  Life was good until one day with their house burning down, Eric used his powers to save his family.  His wife ran away pregnant with two children who would be the twins Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch.  Eric thinking that Magda was dead, went dark and went on with his dark ideals.  He met up with a friend Charles Xavier, becoming in the true sense Frenemies.  Respecting each other, but always at odds with each other.  Magneto has the ability to control metal, any type of metal, and this also allows him to seem to fly by using the reverse magnetic effect.  Also the magnetic rays from the sun keep him alive, hence always the problem with the X-Men thinking they kill him and he always manages to find a way back.  He formed the Brotherhood of Mutants.


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