Disney Countdown

The Price Club: Eartha Kitt

Time to honor another villainous actor to the Price Club, today’s member is Eartha Kitt.  Eartha Kitt had quite a history in Hollywood long before she ever did any work for Disney.  One of her biggest claims to fame of course was singing the song Santa Baby.  Later she would replace Julie Newmar as Catwoman on the ABC series Batman.  Of course she would play Old Lady Hackmore in Ernest Scared Stupid and eventually as Madam Zeroni in Holes.  Of course she voiced one of my favorite Villains Yzma, in Emporer’s New Groove and series.  Born on January 17th 1927, she is literally a heartwarming story of perservering in a time when it wasn’t possible, from the Cotton Fields of South Carolina she would become part of the singing group Katherine Dunham company, and eventually become cult classic villain that was “proof Dinosaurs once roamed the earth.” She also happens to have the best henchmen for any villain in Kronk.  Though she despises his Spinach Puffs.

maxresdefault  Eartha_Kitt


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