Disney Countdown

Wolverine Time: Rogue

It’s 1:11 or Wolverine time, time to talk about another great X-men, Rogue.  Her name Anna Marie, seeing that she her full name hasn’t been revealed yet.  She discovered her powers when kissing a boy named Cody Robbins.  She then ran away from her Aunt and Uncle that raised her and found Mystique who raised her.  She joined the Brotherhood of the Mutants led by Magneto.  Soon afterwards, she dueled with Ms. Marvel and grabbing onto her.  She gained her ability to fly and killed Ms. Marvel.

Rogue of all the mutants has one of the worse abilities.  Though perhaps a great protection, it isn’t something she can turn off.  She has the ability to absorb another person’s lifetime memories and their life even.  For Mutants and Superheroes she can absorb their powers.  She is probably the only person who could actually kill the Wolverine.  Her trademark look is that she has dark hair with a white streak in it.   She is also in a relationship with Gambit.


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