Disney Posts

Strolling through Disneyland

Disneyland is the most instagram place on earth.  Millions go there a year, and the park has rides that are more famous than many countries.  Disney is always trying to keep the park up to date and fresh, for as Walt Disney said to an early imagineer, “I dream that no one shows up, and those are my nightmares.”  While the park has always kept up with the changes, there are still nods to the past found everywhere, and sometimes even things from old attractions still laying in plain sight.

Strolling down Main Street, there are many stores up and down the street as well as restaurants.  However, there are great secrets and nods to the past.  One of these is the Fire Wagon.  Going into the Fire Station, you will see a Horse-drawn Fire Wagon that is parked there.  Between 1955 and 1960 this vehicle was pulled up and down Main Street letting guests go on a ride.  Between 1958 and 1960 guests could ride on the Horse-drawn Streetcars, Fire Wagon, Surreys, Horseless Carriage, Omnibus and a Fire Engine.   However, as foot traffic increased the problem became apparent.  Horses are animals that defecate wherever, and before anyone from Disney could clean it up invariably some guest would step in it and track it through the park.  The Fire Wagon was parked in the Fire Station and in 1971 the Surreys were pulled off Main Street and sold.  However, like a silent sentinel of the past, this vehicle stands tall and proud welcoming generation after generation into the park that Walt built.  A reminder that our world is built upon the legacy of the past.



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