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I was a Disney Animatronic…

Walt Disney is credited for being the creator  of the animatronic. However, I am here to report a sad truth. There are no animatronics at Disney Parks.  When I was six years old, my parents left me in Disneyland.  So at night the security guards took me behind the scenes where I was fitted with German Page Boy outfit and the next day I joined the chorus of It’s a Small World.   Yes, it was the best childhood ever, singing Small World in German for hours upon hours.


On Leap years they let us switch it up and sing in the Spanish group.  However, I grew up and soon I was sent over to join Pirates of the Caribbean.  I was the sleeping Pirate for many years.  Yet I really don’t remember too much, I was kind of asleep.


Upon discovering that I was hairy, they bleached me and I was allowed to be the Yeti on Matterhorn.  I replaced Robin Williams who played the Yeti before me.


Yes they were the best times of my life.  Unfortunately last year they finally let me go.  Saying I had been there to long.  However, I really can’t complain.  they cover you with a Shelack to make you look like plastic.  It’s breathable and I still look like a 20 year old.  So I really can’t complain.  I still visit Disneyland, but oh how I wish I could be an animatronic again.  Or maybe I dreamt the whole thing, I did have a lot of pixie sticks one summer.

Happy April Fools Day everbody!


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