Disney is foremost a movie company. Starting off with a movie, I thought of a great one called “Cat from Outer Space.”  One of the seventy comedies.  This movie is a terrific for the whole family, though I must admit that most children under 8 are probably going to have a hard time sitting through this movie.  This movie is the story of Zouric J5/90 Doric Fouseven, an intergalactic cat that crashes on earth. He must find a way to repair his craft.  His vessel is immediately confiscated by a military organization called Hopscotch, led by a General Stilton played by the late Harry Morgan, whose comic troop bumbles through finding  out about the new visitor.  The cat follows the general to a research laboratory where he finds a physicist that is close to figuring out a new form of power.  This doctor, Frank, names the cat Jake, and the two of them go on a journey to fix Jake’s spaceship.  Jake does fall in love with some aspects of earth food and falls for a neighbor’s cat named Lucybelle.  This movie is a delight starring Ken Barry, Sandy Duncan, McLean Stevenson, Roddy McDowell and Harry Morgan.  This is the colonel’s movie, or the movie with both colonels from M*A*S*H.  This movie has great comical sequences, the classic special effects that Disney monopolized before young un George Lucas came onto the scene.  A recommendation if you are looking for a fun family film, then rent or purchase Cat from Outer Space.


Well it’s not garbage


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